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The 10 Be’s for a Successful Side Hustle


What does it really take?

Are you at the point where you are almost giving up on your passion? You clearly know that you are passionate about this one thing and have been trying to do it on the side for a while but can’t seem to get anywhere? What does it take to have a successful side hustle? How long should I wait to start enjoying fruits of my labor? What does it really take to be successful? I have addressed this and many other concerns below. It turns out that your mind (brain) and how you deal with challenges has a lot to do with it, more details below…Enjoy.

1. Be Positive

You’ve heard it before, attitude is everything. They written books, made movies, held talks about this subject. Why? Because it’s soooo important. A positive attitude can go a long way to ensuring your success. When going into a new venture, it’s easy to have a negative attitude because you are trying something new and we tend to have a fear of “the unknown”.

I’m here to tell you that maintaining a positive attitude WILL be your best ally.

2. Be a Risk Taker

Staring your side hustle requires a good amount of risk. Don’t be afraid to take risk now and later on in your business. Again, you’ve heard it before- no risk, no gain. This is true, and more so in the business world. You’ll be faced with a lot of challenges that will require you to go with your gut- so do it. It will pay off.

Two things happen when you take a risk- a: you fail miserably and learn an invaluable lesson which you will then apply in all your future dealings or b: everything goes great and the risk pays off and you benefit from it. So see? No failure there…

3. Be Resilient

This one is important. Very important. The Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defines resilience this way;

Resilience: characterized or marked by resilience: as
: capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture
: tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

Now, I have tons of stories to share with you on how I’ve learned to be resilient. A quick one though, when I first started my own Web Agency 2 years ago, one of my very first clients (who I considered a friend) ripped me off a whoping $3,800. Looking back, I know this is not much money but when I was getting started and this was my first major deal- it was a huge blow. It hurt me in many ways. I sunk into this state of self-doubt and ressentment that I almost closed shop and called it quits.

However, knowing how much I wanted my freedom, I was determined to get back in the game. Long story short, I ended up suing him and although I never was able to collect, I was able to gain closure to the whole ordeal and learned an invaluable lesson along the way- always ask for upfront payment, and in business never be too trusting, but most importantly- be resilient.

I was able to spring back action a few months after and decided to let the whole thing go and focus on my business and I’m so glad I did becuase without that, I would not be where I am today.

4. Be Resourceful

Let’s say you are a Graphic Designer and people around you know that you’re “into that type of stuff” so they are always hitting you up with questions about this and that. Instead of shrugging your shoulders and going about your business, the best way is to always have an answer. 

People in your circle are ones who will shape your side hustle and probably your first few customers. So it’s not a bad idea to always have an answer to whatever it is they are asking of you. If you don’t know it- research and get back to them. This does two things- it benefits them because you helped them solve a problem (huge plus for you) and two, you gain new knowledge and get the gratification that comes with sharing. See, win-win.

5. Be Aggressive

By this I don’t mean beat people up and be all rough and tough. That wouldn’t get you anywhere (we’ll except maybe somewhere behind bars cold tiny cell) By aggressive, I mean be pro-active, and restless. If there’s a gig promised somewhere follow up, if theres’s a new prospective client on the fence about trying your services out, “nag” them until they give in. Don’t just sit there and wait for a deal to happen, get up and make it happen.

6. Be Consistent

Consistency helps you build trust with your audience, helps you get better at what you do and ensures your business gains momentum. This in the end all translates to a better, you, a better business and in the end that translates to money- which is the whole point here.

Consistency also applies to your branding and image. You want to keep that consistent to avoid confusing your audience.

7. Be Open-Minded

Be open to new ideas and trying them out. You never know what will work. Most of what you will be doing will be trial and error- having a closed mind might be detrimental to your business.

8. Be Helpful

This is inline with #4 above (Being Resourceful) but deserves it’s own point. Being helpful goes beyond being resourceful. If there’s something you know you can do well, offer to help without expecting anything in return and watch your business blossom.

9. Be Organized

You’re not 10 anymore, clean up your room and clear that mess on your desk.

You’re running a business now. Being organized helps you be efficient and save the most valuable commodity- time. Plus, when you’re organized, you can help your clients better. I’ll write a blog in the near future on some of the tools I personally use to help me stay organized.

10. Be Patient

Rome was not built in a day neither will your business. Give your business time to grow, give yourself time to learn how things work, and don’t give up to early- matter of fact, I’m a huge advocate of never giving up.

Hopefully following the 10 “Be’s” outlined here will bring you a step or two closer to success. Readers, if there’s anything I missed, feel free to leave a comment below and add to this list.

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