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2 Things Keeping You Stuck & Unable to Start Creating Passive Income Streams


So you know that you want to create a new income stream- or a couple but the problem is you have no clue where or how to go about it.

You’re stuck and you don’t know where to start.

You might not know this but being stuck is normal- and something we all face, including especially me. The good news is, it’s temporary and hopefully by the end of this post you’ll know exactly how to get unstuck and what to do to start creating new passive income streams!

All you really need is a little clarity- all on this in a bit.

I remember when I was trying to relaunch my blog. Even though I had all these ideas in my head and looking back realize I had all all the skills needed, I somehow I managed to convince myself that I had no clue how to do it and where to go next and that launching a successful blog was impossible- and that all these other people who were successfully doing it were from another planet- aliens of sorts (have you picked up the negative self-talk vibe yet)- sad.

I was digging a hole for myself- a deep one.

Enough is Enough!

One early morning (around 3am) I decided enough is enough- I can WILL do it- it’s going to happen. I didn’t know how, but I was sick of failing & not getting ANY results.

I knew that if I was to create a sustainable income stream I had to create REAL value.

I needed to figure out what people needed and package it nicely as a solution- it’s the most proven way to make money. I knew this all along, after all isn’t it what I preached to and helped clients identify all day long at my branding agency?

Why was it so hard to apply in my real life?

So I spent the next week or so reading every book, blog, threads that I could for inspiration- like you are doing right now reading my blog- you are halfway there.

But sometimes you have to go off on a tangent just to come back to where you started and realize you had everything you needed from the start…

[Insert Jay Z lyrics]
Ni**a please, you ain’t start out from your trunk
Then reach the roof, just to put your roof in your trunk

Here Comes Clarity

Gaining clarity on who you are, what you have to offer and that the world truly needs you is important. It all boils down to believing without a doubt that you have everything it takes to do what you hope to do.

This can be achieved by figuring out these two things;

  1. Being fully aware of yourself (Self-monitoring)
  2. Being fully aware of your surrounding (Environment monitoring)

When I stopped looking for validation from external sources and focused internally, it almost instantly helped me get unstuck.

Most of the time you get so caught up comparing what you don’t have with what others have that we forget how much value we posses.

The Mistake of Not Looking Within

If you are not making a couple thousand dollars you might look at others that already are and be so busy trying to figure out how they are doing it instead of focusing on your own strengths and capabilities and how well they fit with the needs of the world.Watch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So to beat this disease, I still continued to read a ton of books and blogs BUT with a completely new mindset. I read them to learn more about myself and my environment- meaning I was attempting to uncover what needs existed- that I could fill.

As part of your self-monitoring/self-analysis/self-assessment, you have to figure out your SHIT (Skills, Hobbies, Interests and Talents) .

Read simple exercise on how to do that here.

They say that where your talents intersect with the needs of the world, there lies your purpose.

You can have many intersections from this quadrant.

Skills/Needs, Talent/Needs, Interests/Needs, Skill-Talent/Needs etc

Once you have this down, continue looking at the world from a problem-solver’s perspective.

I did just this.

Filling an Existing Need

I had a hunch that people were interested in making money on the side. I felt this way because most of people around me seemed to always be looking for a side business to start or a second job etc (plus after a little bit of keyword research, I was able to validate this assumption).

So I figured if I started sharing my experiences of making money online (solution) then I’d help others that might be interested (since there was an existing need as outlined in the previous paragraph)- reason why you’re reading this because you hope it will help you solve the “feeling stuck and not knowing where to start dilemma”.

Once this is figured out, you can tie everything together in a nice little package and offer it to your audience as a solution.

That’s the one sure way people will be willingly pay you money.

Last Job Logic

Remember the same way you got your last job?

You prepared yourself by gaining the necessary skills, prepared for the interview and once hired- learned some more to make sure you kept your job.

The same logic can be applied to figuring out your new passive income stream.

Remember to keep an open eye everywhere you go for unmet needs and then do a self-assessment on the fly as to whether this is something you are equipped to fulfill.

I hope this will help you get over the feeling of getting stuck not knowing where to start.

If you haven’t yet, here are a few resources that can spark your interest and get you going in creating your new passive income stream(s).

Until next time, stream on!

Additional Resources

  • How To Start a Business When You Have No Idea Where to Begin (link)
  • Quick Exercise: Finding Yourself (link)

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