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5 People You Should Meet Before You Die


This was originally an email that I sent out to my list, however, due to the number of positive response that I received, I decided to publish it on my blog hoping that it can benefit other members of the public currently not on my mailing list. 

Original email sent out on Oct 2nd 2013

First, let me quickly apologize for being so quiet. It wasn’t intentional. I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to do much (details on that in a bit)

I feel much better now.

You’ve been on my mind this whole time though. I’ve been wondering what you have been up to, how you efforts to financial freedom are paying off and such. See, although I was sick and in bed most of the time, I was able to close a few deals (while literally sitting in my bed on my laptop coughing away and sipping on some home made concoction). That’s the beauty of what I do and I REALLY want you to experience the same. Not having to worry if you’ll get fired if you miss work and such…

Anyway, I’m rumbling…you’re probably wondering who these 5 people you should meet are? Ok then, let me get straight to that (some might hate me for this list)…still, read on…

1. God

This might sound corny but I believe everyone should make time to meet with God. Only through him will you be able to tackle, overcome & effectively deal with this life’s uncertainties. You need him, period.

2. You

Do you really know who you are? Have you taken the time to really know yourself. This is a lifetime endeavor that we should constantly engage in. Step out of your body for a minute and examine yourself- deeply. No one knows you better than God & yourself.

3. Passion

Following the above, have you met Mr. Passion? You know, the person in you that loves to do X regardless of whether there’s pay involved or not. Your passion will bring you joy & riches. Find it.

4. Action

Mr. Action is a product of you & your character. And even if you’re lazy (like me) Person #1 (aka God) can help you meet Mr. Action. Without action, your passion is wasted. All this knowledge you acquire is useless if you don’t take action and apply it. Get to know Mr. Action & use him often.

5. Patience

Nothing happens overnight. And if you know anything about this guy, then you know he wants you to sit still and wait for the grass to grow. Rome was not built in a day, neither will your business or personal brand. Stop jumping from one thing to the next, have the patience to watch one of your plans succeed.

With that, I hope you take the time to meet the 5 people above. Take your time to get to know them & be friends with them. The rest will follow.

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