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How can I make my life simpler?


Over the past couple of years, I have grown to appreciate the question and answer platform Quora. I find it fascinating to be able to learn so much from so many knowledgeable people. This question “How can I make my life simpler?” and the answer Garrick Saito  provided is amazing, I had to share. You can find the original question and different answers here. I hope this helps.

  1. Ask for help
  2. Carry less stuff in your pockets/purse
  3. Clean out your house, purge your belongings of anything you haven’t used in five years
  4. Eliminate clutter on your desk
  5. Eliminate time wasting activities
  6. Eliminate two things for every new thing you acquire
  7. Hire some help, housekeeper, gardener, etc.
  8. If something can be done in two minutes, do it right now.
  9. Know your limitations
  10. Learn to identify and toss junk mail before it even gets to your desk
  11. Learn to say no
  12. Let go of perfectionism
  13. Let go of the past
  14. Live frugally, want less
  15. Limit time you spend on any given activity (TV, media, Internet)
  16. Move closer to work
  17. Sever unhealthy relationships
  18. Simplify your financial life and consolidate debt
  19. Simplify your online life
  20. Tell the truth
  21. Turn off your smart phone (it’s really smart how to chew up your time)

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    1. That’s awesome! Thank you for your kind words.

      Being a blogger based in Kenya, you must know Walter Akolo? He’s a good friend of mine. Back in 2013, I came to Kenya and held a workshop on making money online. I hosted him and a couple of other Internet Marketers based in Kenya!

      Good stuff on your blog, keep it up!

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