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Get Started Selling on Amazon: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide (Part 5 of 12)


Part 5: Listing Your First Product on Amazon

In Part 4, we talked about Getting Ungated on Restricted Amazon Categories.

In this part, we will walk through a brief process of listing your product on Amazon.

Note: There are 2 ways of listing a product on Amazon;

  1. Listing on an existing product (straight forward & easy)
  2. Creating a brand new product listing (slightly more involving)

For this series, we’ll only cover the first method. The reason being is that, the products we selected in part 2 will be existing products- we’ll “cheat” and ride off of the current original listing owner’s success until we gain enough momentum to afford listing products on our own.

Later on when we start covering FBA, we will go over method #2.

For this walk-through, we will be adding the product we found during part 2 of this series- the Car Crane.


Here’s how you list your product(s) on Amazon under an existing listing

Step 1: Navigate to the product page as show above, then scroll down to the Product Information section and grab the number called the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). It’s on the right column under “Additional Information.”

Select and copy it.


Step 2: Open another tab, log in to your Seller’s Account, (top menu) navigate to Inventory > Add Product

Paste the ASIN into the search bar and click search.


Step 3: The results will display as shown below, click on “Sell Yours”


Step 4: Fill out the information as shown in the empty boxes below.


For now, only focus on the items with the red asterisk. However, you should also fill out the following;

Seller’s SKU, Start Selling Date, Country as Labeled and Shipping Method options. By the end of it, it should look something like screenshots below.




Step 5: Click “Save and Finish” and you’re done!


Step 6: Once the screen in step 5 above clears, give it a few minutes then check under your “Inventory” and your new listing should be showing! Go back to the front of the store and double check that your listing is showing.

This is how it will look in the back end under your inventory list- listing successful!


Tip: By default, Amazon orders merchant according to price- lowest first, highest last. They factor in shipping cost for this. To make sure you start seeing sales roll in as fast as possible, try and be the lowest (for now). It’s called the newbies race to the bottom but in my opinion it’s not a bad thing.

After you have a few I had a few sales and positive ratings under my belt, I stopped being so “desperate” but I really embraced it during the first month of selling- and still do it now from time to time when sales are sluggish.

That’s it!

As always, if you have any questions or get stuck and need help completing any of the steps outlined here, leave me a comment below or email me and I’ll be happy to help.

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Tim. Thank for the post, really helpful for me. Btw, Can you tell more about the option:

    “I want to ship the item myself to the customer” and ther other “I want Amazon to ship provide and provide…”. Incase of second option, I need to send the goods to Amazon first, before the listing go successful, is it?

    1. Hey Ken,

      The first option, you’d ship the item straight to the buyer after the order goes through. It’s really hectic if you’re outside the US but still doable, just let the buyer know that the item is located outside the US through your listing.

      Option 2 you are right, it’s FBA (when you ship your products to Amazon & they ship them to the customer each time they buy. It’s the most convenient option I just started it and I’ll blog about it soon.

      I’m currently in NY all week but my items are still selling. It’s awesome!

  2. Charlie

    Hi Tim –

    Does the Profit Spotlight tool factor in FBA fees/shipping?
    Also, how did you capture the shipping and fees estimates in your “Selling on Amazon” Google spreadsheet?


    1. Charlie,

      The Profit Spotlight I don’t think it factors FBA fees/Shipping- it just shows the current sale price, volume and popularity based on their metrics.

      For the shipping rates, I normally add the product into my inventory from my seller central account (you can do this with the individual account or professional).

      However, ever since, a reader advised me on a simpler way to go about it with Amazon’s Seller App- it’s available for both Android and iOS.

      So now, I use both my spreadsheet and the app. I hope this helps.

  3. Joshua

    I have a question. I noticed that your car cane example is made by Emson. In cases like that, do you order some with the Emson logo on them or do you just list it? Do you have to do something specific when it is a company like that listing the item?

    1. Apologies for the late response Joshua.

      The Emson cane doesn’t have the Emson logo on it similar to the products you find on DHGate so there’s nothing extra you need to do. Note this is a short term strategy as you don’t want to do this forever.

      A different approach would be to get your own UPC code (can be purchased for $20 or so for over 100 codes) and create your own listing. The draw back to this is that you wouldn’t be able to piggyback on the success of the current Emson product hence losing out on sales- you can counter this by promoting your own product.

      This listing (the second one) is a perfect example of this approach

      If you notice they are actually ranking #77 on BSR in a different category so they are doing quite well. Notice the original Emson one is ranking #96.

      Let me know if this makes sense.

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