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Is the Passive Income Hype Real?

If you are here, you have most likely heard about creating Passive Income and how great it can be, but is all that hype real? Is it as easy as most people make it sound?

I have come to understand that creating Passive Income streams means WORKING HARD now, so you can reap the benefits later. It’s NOT “easy” money like most people out there will lead you to believe.

It boils down to one word: leverage.

The beauty of leverage is that you don’t trade time for money, instead you build businesses that take advantage of systems of automation allowing you to make money and grow without requiring a real-time presence.

The 30 Streams Business Model

The 30 Streams Business Model is simple.

It’s a business concept that relies on combining the Passive Income Business Model and the power creating scalable systems enabling you to minimize risks and maximize returns.

The Theory

If I can master how to create 1 Passive Income stream that generates $1,000 per month, I can leverage that knowledge and resources to help me create 30 streams that each generate $1,000.

It’s a theory I’m continuously testing and reporting on this blog. So far it has shown some promising results.

Resources to Get You Started

Getting started is easy if you have a mapped out path to follow. As I work to create one for you, I have put together a list of resources that will get you started without being overwhelmed.

#1 Inspiration that gets me going when things get tough

Invest in Yourself (6min video)
100 Inspirational Quotes (Collection from the world’s most successful people)
Embracing the “CAN” mindset (Whether you succeed or not it’s up to you)

#2 Tutorials on doing some things that I have done

Learn to Create 1 Passive Income stream in 15 Minutes (Start something today)
Selling on Amazon Blog Post 12-Part Series (Step-by-step from start to finish)

#3 Most popular blog posts that past readers love

If not now, then when (My story on how I quit my job & started my business)
24 Things I wish I knew Before Starting my Business (Learn from my mistakes)
80+ Side Hustle Business Ideas You Can Start Today (Great starting point)
The 3 Cs of Branding (Understand these 3 principles and build a strong brand)

#4 Tools I use to create my income streams for easy Amazon product research. or BlueHost to host your website. for access to talent for almost anything, starting at $5 for making keyword research faster and easier. for competitor analysis and additional keyword research. for email autoresponder provider. A simple way to manage your email list. for a wide variety of templates for your site and/or blogs.

I use a lot of tools, find the complete list here.

#5 Resources I use to sharpen my skills

Udemy (Laser focused knowledge on almost any topic)
Tutsplus (Sharpening my creative skills)
Growth Hackers (Sharpening my marketing & business skills)

#6 Blogs I read to keep me on track

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
Retire by 40 by Joe Udo
Seth Godin’s Blog

Start Today!

Finally, whether you get knowledge/inspiration from this blog or other sources, the important thing is to get started- and keep going. Even when you don’t know everything.

So I hope this helps but if you get stuck, please email me & I’d be happy to point you to the right direction.

Stream on,



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