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The Jack of All Trades and Side Hustler Dilemma


Jack of All Trades

You have acquired multiple skills and can perform many tasks at a somewhat acceptable level (above average) for that reason, you are always dabbling in different ventures based on those skills in an effort to make money. This is speaking in a purely business sense. Your attention span is constantly shifting depending on the task at hand depending on what trade you are delivering.

Side Hustler

Having a Side Hustle means that you have a “Main Hustle” or your main source of income, and partially dabble in other arenas in hopes of generating some part-time & normally income. Your attention span & energy level for this as you had stated is a bit less but still comparable to Jack of All Trades.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Initially, in the discovery process, being a Jack of All Trades is not a bad thing- AS LONG AS you are consciously aware of it and you are actively examining yourself and re-evaluating to see if this is something you are passionate about, and eventually worth FOCUSING on.

By using the questionnaire provided in the article, you can save time and energy because it helps you really dig into who you really are which will ultimately help you reveal your purpose. Pursuing a passion that’s backed by purpose is a very rewarding experience.

I hope this answered your question. Let me know if I can explain further, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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