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My July 2015 Monthly Income Report


July’s Overview

July was a great month! I made a total of $8,247.76. 

My monthly income grew by $3,932.49 which was in part due to the introduction of my newest income stream selling on Amazon.

I also received some income for a mobile App UI design consulting which mostly won’t show on next month’s report. These two factors accounted for that jump!

Income Breakdown

Digital Services$4,166.91
AdSense Revenue from Niche Sites$75.45
Dating Website Membership Fees$46.90
Peer to Peer Lending$600.00
App Design Consulting$1,800.00
Room Rental Income$200.00

July’s Total Income



My dating website membership fees also jumped by up over 2,256.78% (or up by +$44.91 ha ha). I hope this growth continues in August!

Lessons Learned

I wish I started charging membership fees on my dating website earlier this year- maybe January. I have a feeling by now, it would be generating a decent amount of passive income.

During my app design consulting deal, I learned a lot regarding launching an app in the marketplace and so I’ve decided to activate that income stream in the near future. I’m currently in talks with some app developers to lay the foundation for a new app I’ll be working on.

Looking Ahead

My digital services and consulting income will take a dip in August because I will spend most of my time working on revamping this blog and creating new systems. Nevertheless, I hope to have things pick back up sometime in October after I have enough systems in place for all the new income streams I hope to establish!

From August, I will be cutting back on peer-to-peer lending because the returns are not that great. I’d rather put that money somewhere else where I can better returns.

Since selling on Amazon is producing some encouraging results, I’ll pump more cash into that business and see how things work out. Tune in at the end of the month to see where things go with that.

Web Hosting

2 Responses

  1. Bilal, digital services are things like SEO, Social Media Management, Design, Email Marketing, Video Production, Photography etc basically any service that you can offer on a digital scale.

    I do this on a personal level or through the key to converting this into a passive income stream is to outsource. You set up the brand and when you receive leads and close them, outsource it to other companies in the US or offshore.

    Peer to Peer lending you are basically a small scale (or big scale investor) depending on the amount of your investment. I have accounts with;

    After I’m done with the Selling on Amazon 12-Part series, I will schedule to write blog posts about these based on my experience.

    In the meantime, look up online there’s tons of resources that might help you get you started.

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