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My July 2018 Monthly Income Report


July’s Overview

After a 2 year hiatus posting my monthly income reports, I’m back!

Going through this report, you’ll notice that the income breakdown section has changed from my previous reports. This is as a result of my new approach of how my 30 streams of passive income will be broken down (the base 6).

In total, I generated $4,761.34 which was equivalent to a -22.28% decline in growth from June 2016’s revenue but a +127.14% increase in net income.

As you’ll see, I’ve barely been selling on Amazon, I plan on getting back into that towards the end of the year but at the moment have no solid plan in place. My rental income has gone up and I plan on it going up a bit more in the next few months.

Anyway, here’s how July really went down…

Income Breakdown

eCommerce$0.00                   (0.00%)      
Membership Apps$11.97                 (0.00%)
Premium Digital Content & Merchandise$1,811.94            (0.00%)
Real Estate Income$825.00               (0.00%)
Niche Sites Ad Revenue$12.43                 (0.00%)
Random & Digital Services$2,100.00            (0.00%)

July’s Gross Income

$4,761.34            (0.00%)


Estimated Expenses

Cost of Goods Sold$0.00
Email Services$29.95
Store Subscriptions$39.00
Shipping & Handling + Shipping Supplies$0.00

July’s Estimated Expenses

$1,851.02             (0.00%)     


Net Income (estimated): $2,910.32

The huge fees reflected on my expense section are mostly commissions and transaction fees payed out through my payment app Noodlio Pay.

It’s good to be back, I’ve missed posting these updates because they keep me motivated and from what I previously noticed, readers really enjoyed them. I have some “dead inventory” in my garage that I hope to liquidate in the next month or so before I can get back to selling on Amazon.

This one is a short one with not much to report but you get the idea.

Lesson Learned

“Fall down seven times, get up eight”. 

I have been meaning to get back into posting my income reports for 2 years now, each time something held me back! Despite all that, I’ve finally been able to put this report out and I’m proud of myself for staying true to a promise I made to myself!

Thank you for reading, until next month, stream on!

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  1. James Iraya

    This is good. I have been a follower for sometime now and you have motivated me to look for my own streams of income.

    Keep been you and continue with the journey.



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