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My June 2015 Monthly Income Report


June’s Overview

June was an OK month! I made a total of $4,315.27. 

Since this is my first income to report, I don’t have a previous month to compare with. However, as time goes by, I’ll dig through my records and post the numbers for previous earnings.

Digital Services pulled in over 93% of my income in June. Although a good thing, this made me uncomfortable as I’d like to balance out income from my other streams.

Income Breakdown

Digital Services$4,050.13
AdSense Revenue from Niche Sites$74.50
Dating Website Membership Fees$1.99
Peer-to-Pear Lending$188.65

June’s Total Income



I finally activated the payment system on my niche dating website in order to collect membership fees. The website has organically grown to close to 3,000 members and has been free all these years since 2009 so I felt that it’s about time. This was a last minute move that last week of June and I managed to have one monthly subscription.

The great thing is that the membership fees are recurring so with time I will benefit from the snowball effect. I am hoping this income stream continues to grow!

Lessons Learned

As I prepared to rebrand and relaunch this blog, I think I spent too much time that I should have. This took away precious time that I could have spent establishing new income streams.

However, I did have time to set up my Amazon Sellers account and get started with that. I received my first shipment on June 20th. I’ll publish some lessons learned from that experience sometime soon.

Looking Ahead

My Amazon Seller’s account is all set up, I’m excited to see how the new product that I decided to test the market with does. I also plan on creating a new income stream renting out one of the rooms in my house. I’ll try and get this done by the end of July.

I am also excited about the new direction I have decided to take this blog. I’m planning to have my official relaunch coincide with my birthday in August!

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  1. E House

    Great experiment! I’ve got multiple sclerosis, which makes a normal 9-5 job untenable–and I hated working in an office anyway–so I’ve been looking for passive income streams myself. Since I’m a web designer who gradually turned into a graphic designer as well, that opens up a lot of potential avenues, with Istockphoto and similar stock illustration & photography sites being one of the better passive income sources I’ve found. Another avenue that many illustrators miss out on is Spoonflower, where you can design and sell fabric (and now wallpaper and other stuff). God bless–I look forward to seeing how the experiment turns out. Looks good so far!
    (Oh, and in case it’s not intentional, I should mention that in your leave-a-reply form, the top three entry boxes don’t give the user any clue what they’re supposed to type into them, at least not in Firefox or Chrome. I had to go into the source code to figure out what to type where!)

  2. @E House, I went the opposite of you, started as a Graphic Designer then slowly moved into Web Design. I don’t know much about MS but I know enough, it’s clearly not holding you back though, that’s what’s up!

    Yeah, the experiment is going great so far, I’m sure there will be ups & downs but I’m ready for them.

    I’ve never heard of Spoonflower until now (learning something new everyday)- thanks for sharing! I definitely wanna try iStockphoto and other digital platforms like Evanto. I’d lov e to hear about your experience with iStockphoto when you start.

    Thanks for reporting that bug- I’ll get it fixed, although you got me ROFL with the geek move you just pulled off checking the source code. EPIC!!! Hahahaha.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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