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My May 2016 Monthly Income Report


May’s Overview

This is the first of 4 reports that I’ve had to write months later. It’s September 12th 2016 over 3 months since this report was due- damn! Many of you have emailed me concerned as to why I haven’t been putting reports out. It really bothered me that I wasn’t able to publish any reports and disappointed with myself at how helpless I had become.

Long story short, I haven’t really been able to work since mid April until recently (late last month- August) due to some personal setbacks I had to deal with. Nevertheless, I appreciate your patience and sorry for the long wait!

In total, I generated $10,376.36 which was equivalent to a -40.67% decline from April’s revenue which resulted in crazy -69.10% decrease in net income.

As you’ll see below, I completely neglected everything else except for Amazon and the ever steady rental income!

Anyway, here’s how May really went down…

Income Breakdown

Digital Services$0.00                   (-100.00%)
AdSense Revenue from Niche Sites$0.00                   (-100.00%)
Dating Website Membership Fees$0.00                   (-100.00%)
Room Rental Income$1,039.47            (-0.94%)
Amazon$9,336.89            (-38.50%)
$5K Amazon Business System$0.00                   (0.00%)
Alex & Pike$0.00                   (0.00%)
eBay$0.00                   (-100.00%)
Craigslist$0.00                   (-100.00%)    
Hot Chocolate Donations$0.00                   (0.00%)

May’s Gross Income

$10,376.36        (-40.67%)


Estimated Expenses

Cost of Goods Sold$4751.50
Web Hosting$62.00
Landing Page + Analytics$18.00
Email Services$37.00
Amazon SEO$50.00
Shopify Store Subscription$0.00
Shipping & Handling + Shipping Supplies$0.00

May’s Estimated Expenses

$8,028.29        (-18.83%)


Net Income (estimated): $2,348.07 (-69.10%)


Lesson Learned

“A luta continua, vitória é certa”. 

Meaning, “The struggle continues, victory is certain”. It’s so easy to give up in the face of uncertainty but I keep reminding myself that this is a commitment and you simply don’t back down from a commitment- you keep fighting on all fronts!

I realize the above quote is from April’s report but it still applies now more than ever. It was almost like a premonition especially looking back to the events that followed months to come.

I’m still here though so vitória é certa haha!

Thank you for reading, until next month, stream on!

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