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My Monthly Income Reports

Last updated: Sep 12, 2016

In this section of my blog, I disclose my monthly income reports from my various income streams.

I reflect on what I did during the previous month in hopes of discovering what might have had an impact on my income.

Each income stream is broken down to the cent followed by a conclusion of the lessons learned from that month and finally a brief look at future plans for the following month.

My hope is that my reports will inspire you to take action and venture into creating your own streams of passive income. If you have any questions/comments just send me a message.

Disclaimer: The numbers shown on my reports include gross revenue figures from each respective month, not net income. Please note that some streams delay payments because of the possibility of refunds, so accurate month to month expenses are hard to track which is one of the reasons why I choose to exclude them from my reports.    

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August 2018 – (Coming Soon)

July 2018 – $4,716.67

June 2016 – $6,732.64

May 2016 – 10,376.36

April 2016 – $17,488.61

March 2016 – $13,024.08

February 2016 – 11,383.30

January 2016 – $6,522.15

December 2015 – 9,564.92

November 2015 – $10,078.31

October 2015 – $6,866.55

September 2015 – $6,760.08

August 2015 – $17,319.06

July 2015 – $8,247.76

June 2015 – $4,315.27