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My October 2015 Monthly Income Report


October’s Overview

I think I’ll start giving my income reports names/themes. October was all about getting creative! With my Amazon account suspended from September, I had to think on my feet and come up with new ways to supplement my income.

I generated a total of $6,866.55 this resulted to a 2% net growth from the previous month. I’m content 🙂 hey, any growth is better than no growth, right?

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I don’t give up, I get creative! 

I was able to launch 2 new income streams the Amazon Business System (aka $5K Amazon Business-in-a-Box) and Alex & Pike an online drop-shipping website that I launched in just one day!

I plan on sharing more on this later this month.

My Amazon account was reinstated on Oct 14th- woohoo! (screenshot) Although really excited, I was very apprehensive (I still am) about starting to sell again that I barely did anything but I’m slowly getting into the swing of things especially with a new group of people to share the information I’ve learned so far! Read to the end to see the name of the group!

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Income Breakdown

Digital Services$2,500.00
AdSense Revenue from Niche Sites (screenshot)$100.51
Dating Website Membership Fees (screenshot)$61.84
Room Rental Income$700.00
$5K Amazon Business System (NEW!) (screenshot)$1,833.90
Alex & Pike (NEW!) (screenshot)$160.69

October’s Gross Income



Estimated Expenses

Cost of Goods Sold$780.73
Web Hosting$62.00
SEM Rush$69.95
Email Services$37.00
Facebook Ads$51.10
Shopify Store Subscription$29.00

October’s Estimated Expenses



Net Income (estimated): $5,565.93


Lessons Learned

#1 Prioritize Your Health: This report is a few days late because I’m not in the best of health at the moment.

Last month, I pushed my body to the limit (physically and mentally) and over the past week I’ve felt the negative effects. I’ve tried to take it easy these past couple of days but staying away from my computer is killing me! I realize that I had forgotten something that I promised myself not to forget: to always make my health first!

It was #1 on the list on a blog post I wrote a while back 24 Things I Wish I knew Before Starting My Freelancing Business 3 Years Ago.

Health is important, without it there’s no way I’ll be able to achieve any of my goals!

On that note, my workout routine starts today!

#2 Don’t Give Up, Get Creative: Anyone has ever owned a business (even for a day) knows how obstacles always seem to find you. This don’t always go your way as was the case of my Amazon account’s suspension. When that happens, don’t give up! Find ways to get creative.

With the absence of my Amazon revenue, I knew I had to figure out a way to make up for that loss. So, in less than 2 weeks, I put together a business system that should make at least $5K/mo profits for a few of my readers that scooped that offer. It wasn’t something I had planned to do, but when I finally did decide to do it, I put my all to it.

Now, you can find us hanging out on a new private Facebook group called Tim’s 30 Streams Elite where we are helping each other build reliable Amazon businesses! The cool thing about is the members are from all over the world which is pretty awesome!

I’ll keep you guys posted on our progress (without revealing anything they don’t want me to) 🙂

Looking Ahead

Following on last month’s decision to launch my own Private Label (PL), I followed through and as we “speak”, my first product is on it’s way to Amazon, scheduled to reach there on Thursday (Nov 5th) and my other product is on it’s way from China (scheduled to get to me on Friday, Nov 6th).

I’ll keep you posted by the end of this month on November’s report how both those products do.

My other goals include;

  1. Getting healthier.
  2. Contribute to the success of members of Tim’s 30 Streams Elite.
  3. Maintaining my $100/mo AdSense goal.
  4. Continue growing Alex & Pike.
  5. Increase my rental income.
  6. Put out more YouTube videos (please subscribe)
  7. Explore & test new income stream ideas.

Thank you for reading, until next month, stream on!

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5 Responses

  1. Tim,

    You seem to be inspiring me more than any one ever did, my believe in Passive Income is going stronger and stronger. I’ve always heard stories, but never seen any body in real in my network. Your shares are motivating me enough to start some thing on my own. I can’t thank you enough to tell you, how much value you could be adding to someone’s live , by showing them how to make money, by utilizing the resources, all around us.

    I would appreciate,if you could detail me about Where do you buy products for AlexandPike ?, where do you warehouse them ?…How do you ship them back to your buyers (What is the cheapest shipping sources ?). …I want to understand the logistical nuances, how to handle returns, exchanges and the taxes on Product Sales.

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    1. Ven,

      I find great joy in knowing that I inspired someone through what I share. Thank you for taking the time to let me know 🙂

      For Alex & Pike, I source products from China via Ali Baba and DHGate. I’m also currently trying to find sources in the US. I’ll be sharing everything about that income stream before the end of this month.

      But if you can’t wait to get started, just send me an email via link below and I can answer specific questions that will be dependent upon your location and your specific situation.

      Here’s the contact link:

      Stream on!

  2. Tracy

    Great post, I was waiting on this report ( just found your site a few weeks ago!) Keep the info coming looking forward to following in your footsteps and getting some income streams flowing

    1. Awesome Tracy!

      Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂
      When you get started with your own income streams, I’d love to hear about it.

      Keep in touch!

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