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My September 2018 Monthly Passive Income Report


September’s Overview

It’s good to start seeing some green 🙂 in my reports, especially so considering how “Red City” August’s report was haha.

In September 2018, I generated $2,337.81 in monthly passive income which was equivalent to a +36.64% increase in growth from August 2018’s revenue and a +229.35% gain in net income!

My rental income went up as a result of new tenants and a rental increase in one of my properties. I’m still waiting for payment for digital services I did this past summer. My digital goods category has been steadily declining which is as a result of my neglect. I’ve put way too much focus on Real Estate and as you can see it’s showing- at the expense of my other categories 🙁

Here’s how September really went down…

Income Breakdown

eCommerce$0.00                   (0.00%)      
Membership Apps$21.98                 (-13.09%)
Premium Digital Content & Merchandise$400.52               (-53.03%)
Real Estate Income$1,900.00            (+130.30%)
Niche Sites Ad Revenue$15.31                 (+95.28%)
Random & Digital Services$0.00                   (0.00%)

September’s Estimated Gross Income

$2,337.81            (+36.64%)


Estimated Expenses

Cost of Goods Sold$0.00                     (0.00%)
Hosting$0.00                    (-100.00%)
Domains$0.00                    (-100.00%)
Email Services$29.95                   (0.00%)
Fees$368.46                (-50.05%)
SEO$0.00                     (0.00%)
Store Subscriptions$237.95                 (-100.00%)
Shipping & Handling + Shipping Supplies$0.00                     (0.00%)
Advertising$0.00                     (0.00%)
Outsourcing$0.00                     (0.00%)

September’s Estimated Expenses

$437.41               (-61.42%)    


Net Income (estimated): $1,900.40 (+229.35%)

Compared to the $577.01 net from August, I’m happy with the upward trend going on this month compared to last month. I wasn’t able to dispute Amazon’s Long-Term storage fees so I let it go and focused my energy on more important things.

Lesson Learned

“Work on devoting some time to other income streams (aka Digital Goods)”. 

I’d like to find some time next year where I work more on Noodlio to get it back to the point it once was.

Thank you for reading, until next month, stream on!

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