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What The Oscars can Teach You about #Branding.


In the spirit of <a href="http://oscar.go cymbalta” target=”_blank”>The Oscars, I’m compelled to point out how focus & positioning helps build the careers of the top actors & actresses in Hollywood as valuable brands.

It takes an average of 3 years for a “regular” actor/actress to land their next big role in a movie. Studies show that gigs come more frequently for those actors/actresses that choose to focus on a certain genre, style or category. Not only that, they are paid relatively higher compared to other actors/actresses that tend to be all over the place.

Reason? They stand for something.

As a brand you have to stand for something, have a well thought out positioning so that you are the preferably first (or second) person/product/company/service your target audience thinks of when they are in need of what you have to offer.

There is no focus without sacrifice.

Happy Sunday! #BrandWithTim

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