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Progress Report: Selling on eBay, Amazon & Keeping my Sanity!


Almost going all month without posting anything on here is not cool! I had set a personal goal to post 1 blog a week and this is week 3 and still nothing!

I apologize.

With all the hype surrounding Q4, I was expecting to be somewhat busy but not this busy. That’s why I decided to write a quick progress report and update you on what I’ve been working on. I’ll hopefully add more details before the end of this month as well as wrap up the Selling on Amazon series that’s way overdue.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to;

  1. Launching 1 new private label brand on Amazon
  2. Growing the other private label brand launched in November
  3. Collaborating with partners and working on new projects
  4. Supporting members of Tim’s 30 Streams Elite as the tackle Q4 hurdles
  5. Manually fulfilling eBay orders (taken majority of my time)
  6. Working on 2 new digital services projects via STANCE
  7. Planning a short holiday break during this festive season
  8. Try to (but failing) to keep up with my email inbox- sincere apologies for your unanswered emails, I promise to catch up soon!
  9. Remembering to shower
  10. Trying to remember what day of the week it is

In all honest though, I feel like I’m losing it. Beyond my messy desk (which I hate when it gets like this) and all the unfulfilled orders I have to ship in the morning right before my 7:45am appointment (and it’s currently 3:13 am), I gotta say this has been quite a month.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not complaining- as a matter of fact, I’m very grateful to be this busy.

I just think there’s gotta be a better way to streamline everything I’ve got my hands on and get a better grip. As all the madness wears off as we approach Christmas, I’ll hopefully have more time in my hands to take a step back, clear my head and wrap up the selling on Amazon series so we I can share new exciting content like private labeling and selling on eBay- my new favorite income streams.

Happy Holidays & stay tuned!

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