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Quick 5 Min Exercise: Finding Yourself


If you’re struggling with finding yourself, here’s a little exercise to help clear things a bit.

What’s Needed:

  • 1 Plain Sheet of Paper (get off the computer for once)
  • 1 Pen (your favorite color)
  • 1 Ruler (unless you can draw a straight line without one)


1. Draw a line in the middle, from top to bottom

2. Draw another line in the middle, from left to right

3. Now you should have four sections, write the following
-Top Left: Talents
-Top Right: Skills
-Bottom Left: Interests
-Bottom Right: Hobbies

4. Fill out as much as you can, take your time

5. Review and you will see where your passion lies

6. Where your passion & the needs of the world intersect, there lies your Purpose

7. Find ways to share it with the world

Quick Reference

Talents: Things you’re naturally good at. Hint: You think everyone can easily do them but if you look closely, that’s not the case. E.g. Being a good listener, Drawing, Cooking, Reading etc

Skills: Knowledge of doing specific task that you have acquired over time, through study or experience E.g. Fashion or Graphic Design, Public Speaking, Driving etc

Interests: Things you are naturally curious about. E.g. Other cultures, photography, space etc

Hobbies: Things you do to pass time & enjoy yourself E.g. Listening to music, hiking, camping, eating lol

REMEMBER: What’s a talent to you could be a skill to someone else, an interest to another and so forth. Don’t limit yourself. Have fun!

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