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Say hello to my new baby, Noodlio


Lately, every time I look up, another of my childhood friends is a new parent! We were just chasing girls the other day in high school, where the hell did time go?

For real though, it’s been an exciting year and I’m very happy for the new parents, I can’t wait to meet my new nephews- (Amari I see you!)

With all the excitement, something struck me- I realized that all the children I’ve been a part of making over the years- before you judge me, hear me out.

A friend of mine who’s a new parent was telling us in a group chat how exhausted he’s been this past couple of days- not being able to sleep much and such. “I can’t wait to sleep normally. Been up all night with him”, he wrote in a text. My friend Lloyd who also had his first baby a few weeks back in mid August chimed in and said “You need to remove sleep normally from your vocabulary. Lol ?”

Reality hits you hard bro


We all laughed it off but I’ve heard those words from multiple parents now, especially new ones, so there’s got to be some truth to that. If you have kids of your own, I’d love some confirmation on my assumption.

I think it’s true though, these new & helpless creatures need you- for everything and I mean every. little. thing!

Which is what’s beautiful about it all.

Knowing someone/something relies on you for its survival leaves no room for slacking. Your mindset shifts, your priorities change, your patience is  tested, your focus narrowed, your drive skyrocketed. Before you know it, you’re a completely different person- a better person.

Through all the sleepless nights, your character is incredibly built and you are left a better version of yourself.


This past week, I acquired a new baby of my own, her name’s Noodlio– an online Marketplace for apps.

Although just shy of 2 years old, Noodlio has been able to generate an annual turnover of $100,000+ although her monthly net is nowhere close to those numbers, she shows a lot of potential.

Though my joy doesn’t compare to that experienced by Lloyd and all new parents, I’m still excited about my new baby Noodlio.

With that excitement comes the realization that a lot will be expected of me. Many sleepless nights lie ahead to ensure the growth and survival of Noodlio.

Just like my friends and many other good parents out there, I’m ready for this (and many more) responsibilities now and in the future to ensure all my babies grow to make me proud.

Congratulations to the new parents and all you parents out there!


I pray that all the work you put into your kids pays off and they grow to be respectable human beings that make you proud!

If you’re curious about Noodlio or just wanna help me welcome her to the 30 Streams family, you can check her out here.

I’ll admit though, she’s not as cute as Amari- hella jelly about that but I give credit where it’s due!

Until next time, stream on!

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