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Step-by-Step: Starting your Side Hustle


1. Identify what you want to pursue. This should be based on your passion. Read more on finding your passion. Ok, let’s say you settled for web designWatch Sugarbabies (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

2. Google is your friend Do a quick local Google search and see what other Web Design companies are offering in your area. Learn how to do an effective Google search here. Identify their keywords and see how they have presented themselves.

  • Who is the top?
  • How does their site look like?
  • What are they offering apart from Web Design?
  • How can you differentiate yourself? The easiest way I’ve done this is by offering free video with every site I build. From a marketing and branding perspective, it’s a winner and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take much to do.

3. Pick a business name.  Come up with something unique. This should be something easy to remember, professional, and relevant.

4. Secure your domain name, Hosting & Professional Email right away.

  • Gmail for your company
  • Email Signature
  • Access your emails through Gmail
  • Domain name server pointing to your host

5. Design your brand’s identity. This includes;

  • Logo Design
  • Color Scheme
  • Facebook Page cover photo
  • Twitter background
  • YouTube cover photo
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures etc

6. Establish an Online presence. Nowadays, this can be accomplished in just 2 days or less. Set aside a weekend and go hard on your online presence.

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Account
  • YouTube
  • Website
  • Mailchimp (email newsletters)

7. Desing your Website.

  • Research on the best sites out there and mimic them (for now)
  • Make the site about your potential clients (not you)
  • Have a clear message about who you are and what you’re offering.
  • Never publish pricing (this will limit you since every project is different)
  • Have a strong Portfolio with links (feel free to use mine- the ones I allow)
  • Request Quote Form
  • Feature a Call to Action on each page (each page should have a purpose- just 1, execute it well)
  • Feature Testimonials (with real people’s faces)
  • Have an Email Sign Up Form

8. Set up Plugins. Here’s a list of all the recommended plugins for any side hustle.

9. Integrate Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

10. Submit to Search Engines

  • Create XML Site map
  • Submit to search engines

11. Register accounts to help you manage your online properties & marketing efforts

  • Hootsuite

12. Register in Directories

  • Google Places

13. Start Prospecting


14. Start Prospecting Create accounts on the following sites, find projects and submit proposals


15. Start Building Content/Authority

  • Create a Logo Indent
  • Download Training Videos (add your logo indent and watermark)
  • Upload them on YouTube with Keywords
  • Submit them on IMTalk to rank
  • Subscribe to Blogs where your clients are likely to be and comment daily
  • Write a Blog post at least once a week

16. Hiring

  • Post job with specs well listed
  • Screen Applicants
  • Schedule an Interview with best 3
  • Hire 1 on minimal deposit and commence work

17. Project Management & Execution

  • You and New client Sign contract based on your proposal (Echo Sign)
  • Start development on your server (install site on
  • Purchase Theme
  • Set up TimeDoctor
  • Request daily project feedback from your contractors
  • Keep communication with client at a minimum- initially and don’t bring them on to the project until at least 98% done
  • Bring client on and request feedback- in point form (be polite and accommodating- this is the most frustrating part of the project)
  • Pass changes on to your developer
  • Work with client until project is complete and they are satisfied.
  • Install Killswitch

18. Collecting Balance

  • Transfer complete site to client’s server
  • Send final invoice requesting payment
  • If payment is made, thank client, pay your developer, enjoy profits
  • If payment is not made, set deadline for payment and notify them that the site is scheduled to go offline in case payment is not received by x amount of days- tell them it’s your policy
  • Turn Killswitch on

19.  After Sales Service

  • Create a training video showing them basic stuff (10 min or less)
  • Consider having a reward system (award them points equivalent to the amount they spent x10
  • Offer them 1 extra month free support
  • Email them 2 weeks after site goes live to “check up on them”


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