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The Three Cs of Branding


A brand has to be nurtured. It takes time, thought and consistent application. But it does not have to take big budgets. It is a mindset that requires both discipline and passion. It’s about caring for the big picture and the small detail. When managing your brand, keep the three Cs at the front of your mind.


A brand has been described as “everything you say and everything you do.” A credible brand will always align the way a business behaves with the way it is portrayed. This close connection will ensure that your customer’s instinctive reaction is one of trust and belief in your brand not one of doubt and uncertainty.


A strong brand is based on clearly defined values, that are important to your customers and that differentiate you from your competitors. A clear understanding of these values throughout your business will ensure that they are communicated clearly through “everything you say and everything you do.”


The value of a brand comes through recognition and recognition comes from consistent application of every visible manifestation of your brand, at every ‘touch point’ that your customers experience.

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